Membership and Benefits

Investing in your business and community by becoming an SBA member also makes it possible for us to advocate for area businesses and foster a vibrant community in which we all benefit, and adds your company to the collective voice that is the Schaumburg business community.  All memberships are held by the business.

Membership Dues

Non-profit                  $360
1-10 employees        $380
11-30 employees      $500
31-50 employees      $725
51-75 employees      $875
76-100 employees    $1,000
101-200 employees  $1,500
201-300 employees  $1,875
300+ employees       $2,300

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  • 100+ events a year
  • 775+ businesses, 4,000 active members
  • SBA website averages 6,000 unique visitors monthly
  • Profile on online directory; average new member profile viewed 200 times in first three months
  • 10 Networking groups
  • Complimentary contribution to weekly email sent to 3,100 SBA members
  • Special offers and negotiated discounts to extend to your employees
  • Ribbon cuttings
  • Membership mailing list (free)
  • Front Door Window Decal
  • Plaque identifying you as an SBA member
  • Published in Directory mailed to 8,000 businesses in area
  • Member to member discounts

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