We have launched a brand new, revolutionary security service called “Blue Tech Cyber Incognito”™.

It consists of two major components:

Ø Our “Gemini IBD®” Cybersecurity Infographics Newsletter;

Ø Our security product line.

As we all know, the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape is very confusing, with thousands of vendors giving you a constant barrage of information that is very difficult to parse through and make sense of.

With our newsletter, we cover this terrain in a no-nonsense and no techno jargon language.

We give the information you need so you can understand it in a very short period of time. We also offer the latest tips and best practices so that you can not only protect yourself, but your employees, your business, and most importantly, your customer data.

You can see more about our newsletter by visiting

Also, in order for you to put our tips into real world practice, we offer a unique Cybersecurity product line. These devices can be deployed in a very short period of time by your IT department, without having the need for the vendor to install them for you at a high price.

They can be purchased directly from our online store, which can be seen at

More detailed information about these devices as well as downloadable brochures are available at