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Fastest Labs Lifestyle DNA: Healthy Weight analysis + report

While some people seem to build muscle easily, others run or bike their way into top physical shape. DNA fitness testing can unlock the information that takes the guesswork out of which types of training your body responds to most efficiently. Your DNA is unique, so your DNA fitness profile is too.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, the recommendations provided by our Lifestyle Healthy Weight Analysis + Report DNA test are tailored specifically to your body. You can cook smarter, eat healthier, and exercise more effectively because you have data from your DNA to help you make more informed decisions. With the personalized report you receive from our DNA test, you have essential information you need to tailor a weight-loss program that can achieve real results. Unlike diet books and pre-packaged meal plans, the fitness program created by results of DNA testing can offer customized solutions to help you realize a healthy weight since it’s based on your unique genetic information. 

Why not take advantage of genetic testing technology to enjoy nutrition, supplement, and fitness suggestions customized just for you?

Fastest Labs Lifestyle DNA: Food & Pet sensitivity analysis + report

Do you ever get an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, or feel sleepy after eating? Do you suddenly have itchy eyes or difficulty breathing and suspect you might be sensitive to your new kitten’s dander? In your search for answers, our Lifestyle Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA test is a great place to start.

The personalized report from our DNA test tells you whether you are genetically more sensitive or less sensitive to specific irritants, giving you detailed information from your DNA about factors that may be causing discomfort from the inside out. In addition to giving conclusions about your sensitivity to individual irritants, the report also provides comprehensive and detailed diet, lifestyle, and supplement tips based on your results, so you can start making proactive changes right away.

Relief is in sight—you really can lead a more comfortable life.

Fastest Labs Lifestyle DNA: Skin Care analysis + report

There are lots of skin-care products out there, but there’s only one YOU. Because your skin is unique, a cream or treatment that works well for someone else might not be the right one for you. It’s important to understand exactly how your skin responds to environmental factors such as sun exposure, and which specific skin-care ingredients are best suited to your skin profile. Skin Care is a science-based DNA test that identifies your skin’s genetic potential in seven key areas: Collagen Quality, Skin Elasticity, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Protection, Pigmentation, Skin Antioxidants, and Skin Sensitivity. A skin care DNA test can shed new light on your skin’s exact needs, our DNA skin care test can provide you with the answers you need.

Our skin care DNA test determines your skin’s unique characteristics in multiple categories, using a sample of your DNA. Our lab then develops a personalized profile, based on genetics. Your report gives topical, oral supplement, and professional treatment recommendations tailored just for you, to help you keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant. You can also spend money more wisely—never again will you have to go through the trial-and-error process of trying different products.

Think of the time, frustration, and money you’ll save! 

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