Furnace Tune-Up Reminder

Furnace Tune-Up Reminder

The weather is changing, so take advantage of our special furnace tune up rate before it gets cold out.

Getting the furnace in your home checked annually by a professional is very important. Wouldn't you like to have cheaper utility bills, be more comfortable, and rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe from the hazards of poorly maintained HVAC equipment?

When most people think about preventative maintenance, they think of oil changes and brake pads and other basis steps required to ensure that a car is drivable for as long as possible. When it comes to HVAC, routine maintenance is far more simple and much more important. The reason is this: If you don't maintain your heating and air conditioning system, it's life is shortened, it's less effective, costs more to operate, and poses safety risks.

Be prepared for the cold weather and call EPIC Heating & Cooling now at 630.532.8917 to schedule your $80 furnace tune up. Make sure you mention this SBA ad to get this special rate.